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Top 10 reasons to have a responsive website

The concepts of web designing are rapidly changing every day. Latest ideas, technologies, developer platforms, SDKs are coming up to help the designers and developers around the world. With the staggering growth of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and mobile device usage, it is now essential that your business website is mobile friendly, so that your clients and prospects can easily browse and find information, regardless of what type of device (phone, tablet, desktop, etc.) they are using.

The following 10 reasons explore why having a responsive website is a great investment for your business.

1. Latest trends of web designing

Responsive web designing is one of the most powerful modern concepts in the web development field. This concept truly speaks about the futuristic progression of websites. The websites are becoming more prepared and accessible for different devices with this concept.

2. It is all about the best UI/UX

Every website owners wants to enrich the user experience of his visitors. He wants to make the audience happy and satisfied with the interface he’s offering. No matter if the visitor has been surfing from his desktop, his laptop, tablet or even his.

3. Responsive websites improve SEO rankings

Responsive development is Google’s recommended approach for mobile web design. Per Google, responsive websites will perform better in search rankings because they provide a better user experience than sites that are not mobile friendly.

4. One website is easier to manage

There are currently many organizations that actually have two websites: 1) their main site and 2) a second mobile version of their site. This was a fairly common practice before responsive development became the preferred method. That meant multiple versions to manage and update – inefficiency! But if you have a responsive website then you’ll only have to update content one time, regardless of how different people consume your content from using different type of devices.

5. Most cost effective option

Some website owners consider this to be an expensive development plan; however, those who have already launched their responsive website say something different. They say, it may take a bit more money to invest to hire an expert designer, but these websites are real cost savers. They can save you from lots and lots of hassles; at the same time help you save a decent amount of maintenance cost. That’s why it’s considered as one of the most cost effective development options today!

6. Targeting the vast mobile audience

In the last couple of years, the number of users accessing internet from a mobile device has been doubled. A report from B3 Multimedia shows that in December 2013, only 55 percent of the internet surfers were using desktops and the rest were using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Whereas the scenario was a lot different back in 2010 when almost 93 percent users were using desktops.

7. Search engines prefer responsive websites

When you’re running a business website online, you have a primary and the most obvious focus to get conversions. This can happen when you have a decent traffic funnel from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In many research and studies, experts have found that the responsive websites rank better than other websites.

8. Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing

Online shopping is easier than go to the store and it is even easier if you can do it in your favourite chair, while watching TV. 80% of consumers regularly use their smart phones to shop online. And 70% of shoppers now use mobile phones while in stores during the holidays. If your products and services aren’t easy to view from a phone, you’re missing out on an opportunity.

9. Social media increases mobile visitors

Over 55% of social media consumption now happens on mobile devices, so sharing links from social media sites like, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google Plus to your website will mean even more traffic and viewing of your website from mobile devices. So if you have a social marketing strategy and want to leverage social sharing of content, get responsive.

10. Invest now to save later

Finally, every great business mind thinks about saving money before making profit. This only helps him make more money from the business operation. The concept of responsive web designing (RWD) is going to be viral in near future and it’ll take a lot more money to hire an RWD-expert then. If you’re smart or want to act smart – you should think about saving money later by investing on the designers now. That’s why it’s the most important reason why you should invest on developing a responsive website!

The World Wide Web changes rapidly than anything else on earth. Running a business online is lot more challenging than any other platform. Here, you have to take the decision fast, at least before your competitors do! Responsive websites are something that you need to take seriously! If you take some money now and invest on a responsive web design service, you’re clearly staying ahead in the competition. And that’s it – the ball is in your court now!

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